Estimation by stand variables

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Age (years):

Trees per hectare (trees/ha):

Dominant height (m):

Basal area (m2/ha):

Surface (ha):


t N G H0 VCC VSC CM CC B. Leaves B. Comb. B. Wood C Total

t: Age (years), N: Number of trees per hectare (trees/ha), G: Basal area (m2/ha), H0: Dominant height (m), VCC: Volume with bark (m3/ha), VSC: Volume under bark (m3/ha), CM: Mean annual increment (m3/(ha·year)), CC: Current annual increment (m3/(ha·year)), B. Leaves: Dry biomass weight of leaves (t / ha), B. Comb: Biomass of firewood: dry weight of thick branches + thin branches + twigs + bark (t / ha), B. Wood: Stem Dry weight (t / ha), C. Total: Total carbon (t / ha)


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